Sunday, June 7, 2009

whoa new stuff :D :D :D

ok so i ain't exactly photoshopping nor rubik solving a lot anymore and i'm really just playing here's a screen shot of a few games and maybe a phootshop thing for more stuff

ok so ya that's Tales of Pirates for the fruity looking game and that's Soldier Front (ish from Ijji) for the fps game. The car game is drift city (also from ijji). My clan on ToP is animus (dream islands - mermaid isle) and on the ijji games is SonicGamer. Oh yes too p00nage. Give me a shout out just call for taskaro. I have a couple more games like tf2 and cs. lets just pull up a nice wikipedia eh?

ok well that's a lot of crud for one post. i know it's been a whiel and i gots no viewers but i hopes that you guys can come and look. gg :D

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